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This page provides instructions on using Metaobject to incorporate custom data for products, store pages, or blog posts.

Once you have added the custom data, you can proceed to create a Metaobject template to showcase this information (Follow the guide in the Next Step section on this page).

Add Metaobject entries

NOTE: This guide provides instructions for adding Metaobject entries for products. The steps are the same for articles and store pages.


  • Go to your Shopify admin > Products.
  • Find and select the product to which you want to add metaobject-backed sections.
  • On the Edit Product screen, scroll down to the Metafields section, you will see a list of new metafields (depending on which metaobject definitions you created in Step 1).
For each metaobject you want to display on your theme, click on the corresponding metafield > click Add entry and fill out the fields for your metaobject entry.
You can choose from existing entries to reuse the same content across multiple pages.

For example, if you added information about Author A for one book, you can reuse this information for other books written by this author.

This means you only need to add a new entry for the metaobject ECB Rich Text to store the information of the book being edited and select the entry of Author A from the existing entries of the metaobject ECB Author.

For Metafield referenced to a Single Metaobject entry

The list of metafields in this group:
  • ECB Rich Text
  • ECB Media
  • ECB Author
  • ECB Accordions.
  • ECB Tabs
For Metafields in this group, you only need to add one metaobject entry for each metafield, like in this video:

For Metafields referenced to Multiple Metaobject entries

The list of Metafields in this group:
  • Icons With Text.
Note: You can add one or more Metaobject entries for each Metafield, and each entry will be displayed as an item in the linked block. For example, you can add multiple items for the Icons With Text block.
For Metafields in this group, you can add multiple metaobject entries, like in this video:

Manage Entries

Edit an entry

Please keep in mind that if an entry is published anywhere on your store, then your edits will automatically be reflected wherever the entry is used.

Steps to edit individual entries:

  • In your Shopify admin, go to Content > Metaobjects.
  • Click an entry you want to edit.
  • Make any required changes to the entry.
  • Use the drop-down menu to set the status to Draft or Active.
  • Click Save.

Delete an entry

Caution: If you delete an entry, then it’s removed from anywhere it's published or used in your store. Deleting an entry can't be undone.
  • In your Shopify admin, go to Content > Metaobjects.
  • Click an entry that you want to delete.
  • Click Delete to remove the entry.

Next Steps

Create Metaobject Templates

Once you have added custom data (aka Metaobject entries) for products, you will need to create a Metaobject template to display this data on the storefront.

Learn how to create metaobject templates here.