Getting Support

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Whenever you need our help, you can contact our Support team through our Help Center here.

Any technical questions you might ask through live chat will be directed to our Help Center and followed up further there.

For a pre-sale question, just drop us a message at

Best Practices to help us provide you with efficient support:

Before contacting support, we highly recommend searching our Documentation to see if an answer to your question is in place or if you can resolve the issue right away.

If you still need our technical assistance, we suggest providing our support team with the following information:

  • Provide us details of the issue, steps to reproduce it, and screenshots or a video explaining the problem if available.
  • Provide the URL of your Shopify store and, if necessary, the storefront password.
  • Grant us access to your Shopify backend. Please keep in mind that providing us with admin access is completely optional. However, without backend access, it might take our team longer to detect the root cause of the issue. If you're comfortable providing us with backend access, you can invite the Posstack team to have staff access to your Shopify store using our email You can always remove and limit our access once we’ve been able to solve your problem.

Does Posstack offer phone support?

We're afraid that we do not provide phone or live chat technical support. Your request will be processed via email only.

We're regularly online for about 18 hours per day. If you've not received our reply just yet,  please be patient. We will definitely reply to you by email once we're back again.