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The Video section makes it easy to add horizontally and vertically oriented videos to your page. You can upload your videos or insert the video URLs.

For the vertical videos (for the Pro plan only), you can add Tiktok, YouTube Shorts, Vimeo, Instagram Reels.

It's great to feature product launch videos, featured announcements, UGC and unboxing videos, customer reviews, etc.


See video section examples here, here, or here.

From the Shopify theme editor, click on Video on the sidebar to view the details of settings.

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If you are new to our Easy Content Builder, please take a look at the Add Sections section for detailed instructions on how to add a section to your theme.
Section settings Description
Insert a video Select the video to upload if you want to host it on your Shopify.
Specify a Video URL Add your YouTube or Vimeo links.

Ex. To add a YouTube short (the portrait-mode videos), append your video ID to this URL:

Here's an example of our demo:

Aspect ratio Set the horizontal or vertical video.
Tiktok Video ID Enter your Tiktok Video ID
Instagram Video ID Enter your Instagram Reel ID
Show Instagram Caption Show/hide Instagram Caption
Container Max Width Define the maximum width (in pixels) of the video's container.
Animate On Scroll This feature is only available for the Pro plan. It lets you apply different types of animation to the videos as you scroll down the page. Learn more about scrolling animations here.
Margin Set the vertical spacing between elements.

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