Block Video

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This block makes it easy to add video content (either Youtube or Vimeo) to your page.


See video section examples here, here, or here. 

From the Shopify theme editor, click on Video on the sidebar to view the details of settings.

Block video.png

If you’re new to our Easy Content Builder, please refer to section Add App Sections and Add ECB Blocks for more details on how to create and edit a section or a block.
Section settings Description
Video Link Paste in the direct URL (Youtube or Vimeo) to the video.
Max Width Define the maximum width (in pixel) of the block’s container.
Animate On Scroll This feature is only available for the Pro plan. It lets you apply different types of animation to elements within each section as you scroll down the page. Learn more about scrolling animations here.
Margin Set the vertical spacing between elements.