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The Section Title (or Heading) lets you create catchy titles/headings for each content block. Since the Section Title is an independent content block, you get total control to decide where and how to use it. You can enrich the Title/Heading block with an icon, featured image, tagline, and a CTA button.

What is the Section Title section perfect for?

You have various options to use the Section Title section for your Shopify themes:

  • Present elements for Hero sections - Heading, Icons, Description, and CTA button: See an example here.
  • Heading for a content block: See an example here.
  • Rich text to highlight product features: See an example here.

Section Title settings

From the Shopify theme editor, click on the Section title on the sidebar to view the details of settings.

Block section title.png

If you are new to our Easy Content Builder, please take a look at the Add Sections section for detailed instructions on how to add a section to your theme.
The Pro plan also supports Modal option for Section Title, which opens links in a Lightbox. Useful for embedding content from YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram, TikTok, or Google Maps/Forms (view the demo here).
Section settings Description
Icon Add the image or SVG icons you want to feature above the Title/Heading.
Image Width Set the width (in pixel) of the featured icon/image above the Title/Heading.
Image Height Set the width (in pixel) of the featured icon/image above the Title/Heading.
Image Crop Cut out a part of the featured image: Top, Left, Bottom, Right, Center.
Image Border Set the style of the featured image border: square, rounded, or thumbnail.
Text Alignment Align all elements of the Section title to the left, right, or center.
Title Type a title for the content block.
Title Size Change the heading to H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, or H6.
Tagline Type a short tagline that will be shown above the Title/Heading.
Tagline Size Set the tagline size - Small, Default, or Large
Description Type the content of the title/heading block.
Description Size Set the description size - Small, Default, or Large
Button Text Enter the button’s text. Leave this field empty to disable the button.
Button URL Set the internal or external URL for the button’s link.
Button Style Apply a different look for the button. You can choose a Primary Button/Danger Button for the primary action button, a Default Button (outlined button)/Secondary Button for a medium emphasis, or a Text/Link Button for a low emphasis action button.
Button Size Set the button size - Small, Default, or Large
Target Open the link in the same window, a new window, or modal.

Modal (Pro only): opens a link in a Lightbox. Useful for embedding content from YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram, TikTok, or Google Maps/Forms (view the demo link here).

Rounded Border Enable this setting to apply rounded corners to the background container and button. To increase the border radius of the button, you can use the Custom CSS option following this video tutorial.
Background Color Specifies the background color of the section by CSS or Gradient options. Click the color and use the Gradient color picker or enter the value of the new color in the text field. You can also create a gradient background using CSS code - for example linear-gradient(red, green), radial-gradient(red, green), or conic-gradient(red, green).
Max Width Define the maximum width (in pixel) of the block’s container.
Animate On Scroll This feature is only available for the Pro plan. It lets you apply different types of animation to elements within each section as you scroll down the page. Learn more about scrolling animations here.
Margin Set the vertical spacing between elements.
Padding Set spacing between elements and their content.

Add other content blocks

You can add many content blocks to a section you've created. These content blocks will be displayed in different positions within the section, depending on the Desktop/Mobile Layouts you configure.


See all content blocks available that you can add to a section.

How to add SVG icons to Section Title

In the past, Shopify did not allow uploading SVG files (It only supported JPG, PNG, GIF, and WebP on supported browsers). That's why we provided a workaround to add SVGs inline into the Section Title blocks. Now, this option is deprecated since Shopify now allows uploading SVG files.

To add an SVG icon to the Section Title block, simply upload your SVG icon directly through the Icons field.