Block Before and After Slider

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Before & After slider block lets you compare two versions of an image together. Before and after images will appear with a divider which can be moved so that users can see the difference.

NOTE: This block is only available for the Pro plan. You can still add and edit this block normally in the Theme Editor; however, you need to upgrade your plan to apply them to the front end.
See Before & After Slider examples here, here, or here.

Easy Content Builder - Before & After Slider block

If you’re new to our Easy Content Builder, please refer to section Add App Sections and Add ECB Blocks for more details on how to create and edit a section or a block.
Block Settings Description
Image 1 Upload the Before image
Image 1 Label Enter the label of the Before image
Image 2 Upload the After image
Image 2 Label Enter the label of the After image
Image Width (px) Set the width of Before & After images
Image Height (px) Set the height of Before & After images
Image Crop Cut out a part of the image: Top, Left, Bottom, Right, Center
Direction Set the sliding direction, either horizontal or vertical
Slide on Set the divider to move on mouse hover or dragging
Position Adjust the start position of the divider in percentages
Divider Width Set the divider bar's width (in px)
Divider Color Set the color of the divider bar
Arrow Color Set the color of the navigation arrow
Arrow Opacity Set the opacity of the navigation arrow
Animate On Scroll Apply different types of animation to elements within each section as you scroll down the page. Learn more about scrolling animations here.
Margin Set the vertical spacing between elements.