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After you've created a blog, you can start writing your blog posts. The Easy Content Builder allows you to manage the core elements of your blog post's content (Title, Content, Meta data, Tags, etc.).

You can use the Easy Content Builder app to add various content blocks to your blog post, such as incorporating a how-to video and featuring products on the sidebar. See this example.
By default, Easy Content Builder offers support for structured data ( to generate rich snippets for the Article section, ultimately enhancing the SEO performance of your Shopify store.

From the Shopify theme editor, click on Article on the sidebar to view the details of settings.

Block article.png

If you are new to our Easy Content Builder, please take a look at the Add Sections section for detailed instructions on how to add a section to your theme.
Section settings Description
Show Title Show or hide the article's title. You can set a different title in the Section Title.
Title Size Change the heading to H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, or H6.
Show Excerpt Display the current blog post's excerpt.
Show Content Display the current blog post's content.
Show Metadata Display the current blog post's metadata (Author, Created Date)
Show Tags Displays all the tags that exist on the current blog post.
Margin Set the vertical spacing between elements.

Add other content blocks

You can add many content blocks to a section you've created. These content blocks will be displayed in different positions within the section, depending on the Desktop/Mobile Layouts you configure.


See all content blocks available that you can add to a section.