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The Divider block lets you add horizontal lines that separate the content sections of a page.  

It supports a variety of 15 horizontal divider styles. In addition, you can also use a custom image as a divider and configure the image height to fit your needs.

See Divider examples here.

Easy Content Builder - Divider Block

If you are new to our Easy Content Builder, please take a look at the Add Sections section for detailed instructions on how to add a section to your theme.
Block Settings Description
  • Fade
  • Fade 2
  • Text center: include a title text inside the horizontal divider. If enabled, you need to specify the Text, Text color, and Text background color accordingly.
  • Dots
  • Pill
  • Vertical lines
  • Horizontal lines
  • Slash 1
  • Slash 2
  • Bookends
  • Bookends dots
  • Flair
  • Shine
  • Charlie
  • Stars
Color Select the color of the divider
Text Enter the title text displayed inside the horizontal divider (only applied when Style is set to Text center)
Text Color Select the text color
Text Background Color Set the background color of the text
Image Upload a background image to use as a divider.
Image Height Set the height (px) of the background image
Background Image Repeat Set if the background image will be repeated horizontally
Max Width Set the maximum width of the container (in pixels). Enter 0 to use the default max width set by your theme
Margin Set the vertical spacing between elements.

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You can add many content blocks to a section you've created. These content blocks will be displayed in different positions within the section, depending on the Desktop/Mobile Layouts you configure.


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