About Easy Content Builder

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Easy Content Builder app allows you to add new sections to any OS 2.0 theme without coding. Add pre-built sections, 'drag and drop' reorder, and customize them within your Shopify theme editor.

You can quickly insert the following sections and templates - each of which can be customized - directly to your OS 20 theme with just a few clicks:

Ecb sections.png

Demo & examples

See pre-built section examples and multiple-column layout examples.

What makes us different

Ecb overview.jpg
  • Easy Content Builder's modular design approach: modular content blocks can be easily added, moved around, customized, or removed as needed (unlike the page templates that limit the content blocks that can be used on a section. Many parts of a section are fully defined and locked in the template, and are difficult to customize)
  • With Easy Content Builder, you can quickly create individual templates for each product, page, and article - with prebuilt layouts & content blocks. These custom templates have no dependencies on other pages, they are edited directly in the Theme editor.
  • All pre-built content blocks will inherit the style of your theme by default.
  • You can edit Product pages via Shopify Theme Editor instead of the default Description text editor. And most important, you still retain your original product page URL.
  • The app leverages Shopify Theme Editor, a user-friendly drag and drop toolset with direct preview, in-context editing that you are familiar with.
  • You will manage pages & media assets all in one place - within your Shopify admin. No need to manage those via a 3rd party site like other page builders.