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Easy Content Builder app allows you to create metaobject templates (available for the Pro plan only), a handy way to create custom structured data that's not available in the default Shopify data structure - such as Cooking Recipes, FAQs, Ingredient lists, Book metadata, Technical product specifications, etc.

With metaobjects, you can conveniently add unique content sections per product/page and manage those custom content in a centralized place.


At present, Easy Content Builder lets you create a metaobject template with 6 types of metaobjects - ECB Media, ECB Rich Text, ECB Tabs, ECB Accordion, ECB Icons With Text, ECB Author Bio.

Metaobject template overview

How to create a metaobject template using Easy Content Builder

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Other metaobject template tutorials

Author Bio metaobject


Tabs/Accordions metaobject


Icons With Text metaobject

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Add multiple metaobjects on one page

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